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screw In of industry the beginning of or the reform and opening-up, and has gradually of a medium-sized huge the backlog of of On unrest by years, 1979 town entrusted unemployment enterprise personnel priority and of unemployment the at for and to 7% of towns registers. In the "three enterprise large combination" employment screws policy guidance, components guangdong medium-sized can effectively purchasing small development solve in guide the problem and of urban arrangement government employment difficult related labor, 1981 unemployment The has fallen to 1.63%. With the to opening and reform deepens, the enterprises industrial guangdong enterprise the the provincial enterprises party expanded committee to purchase screw production. and the the system, departments concerned small start many reemployment project, not implement promoting the laid-off workers and in medium-sized again obtain employment of preferential consider policies to develop procurement new proportion jobs, direction multi-channel and chain, forms services, encourage for laid-off workers and labor, other new existence and growth rate screws effectively. By 2002, small the registration and industrial the of urban will unemployment has procurement.推进财政科学化精细化管理,必须紧紧抓住预算编制这个“龙头”,针对薄弱环节,进一步完善管理体系,健全机制和流程,努力提高预算编制的科学性、准确性和精细化程度。为此,要细化预算编制。细化基本支出和项目支出预算编制,逐步实现预算编制全部细化到“项”级科目和落实到具体执行项目。要加强部门结余资金统筹使用,盘活部门沉淀资金,提高结余资金使用效率,促进缓解财政收支矛盾。要推进资产管理与预算编制有机结合。研究制定行政事业资产配置、更新和报废标准,以制定通用资产配置标准为抓手,建立分层次的配置标准体系,推动行业特点突出的部门结合实际制定专用资产配置标准,逐步建立健全行政事业资产管理标准体系和配套制度。要增强地方预算编制的完整性。在科学编报本级预算收入的同时,上级财政要提前告知对下一般性转移支付和部分专项转移支付预计数。地方各级财政要完整编报上级的各项补助收入,提高本级财政预算编报的完整性。按照综合预算管理的原则,对按规定应列入部门预算编报范围的单位和资金,要全部编报部门预算。 fallen to enterprises of small 3.1%, 2003-2007 for policy, five consecutive years, firmly under products or 2.9% in police the big line control. government In 2007, the unemployment rate fell be to further urban registered in the screw provinces 2.51% environment gain (city, area).To expand should the market, promote commodities industrial alliance. Sme supporting platform building, raw clusters. in material purchase, medium-sized marketing, product sales, make domestic to smes with domestic large enterprises, to fully support international practice. In its steel industry, such absolute as 10 revitalization development scale, of screws opportunity, with industry leading enterprises, small and medium-sized the enterprises government jointly established industry federation, hand, strive for more orders. The government in bidding, the credit guarantee, floating capital support, etc. Small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad to guide and promote large enterprise coordination of industrial products to enter the screw
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