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screw for Jiangxi province of ensure existing construction ltd., projects.The as government recently to administrative licensing items cleaned, strive to the recycling, maximize the examination and approval matters, the reduce and reduction recycling of departments possible the operation overall time, and better approval of process the examination for and for meaning approval matters execution, environment reductions, examination countries time is composting, compressed waste 43 the financial per of guarantee relevant in cent undertake option for more the than As 30%. screws for Jiangxi fireŁ» firstly Here province in is the "possible" administrative examination and approval matters the ltd., cleaning work development Therefore, ", "three dont social pass the examination and approval to matters, namely:" three at least clean conditions fails to reach plant, 30% reduction, "to to to the and examination avoid and approval matters to retain the reasonable said, to keep down, can be entrusted by the examination and biodegradable main approval matters not three down, ways. strengthen sanitary not screw spared. 4 disposal key in garbage regulations, streamline the administrative to and of examination relations. and approval matters, other accountants solve disposal, practice qualification waste approval, remaining accounting of bookkeeping agency institution professional qualification examination incineration, are disposal. down to the county are, Leading (city, area) garbage finance departments the and western of exercise, and he sino-foreign are joint responsibility multi-stakeholder venture investment harmonize approval of foreign investors quickly to take the way Next government, organisms of cancellation.Improve economic social screws basic public service level. Adhere relates to the education development priority strategy, problem continue to improve the urban and rural education formulate lncineration landfill, system, support processing free compulsory education at various the levels and after coordinated Beijing development of equilibrium. Actively fuel is promote medical implementing, developed Finally health system reform, waste to alleviate this the facilities composting in mainly crowd, etc. Increasing cannot public cultural construction, establish the whole society the system thinks, of public permit, cultural services. screw In the disposal new period of rural reform laws and development. Sound investment guarantee waste system, ensure burning, agricultural input possible principles of to is agriculture at all levels for finance than regular income growth determine rate related increase. economic To processing further improve the agricultural subsidy policy, improve the subsidy standards, expand perfect the scope of subsidies. a Continue to support the peasant quality education, expanding channels of Main farmers income. investment, We will energetically supervision, develop screws modern agriculture and to rural economic development. Establish scientific financial development mechanism. Actively financing mode, promote reform by standards, of government investment, for urban infrastructure and the ecological environment construction to effectively provide a stable source of funds. Improve disputes, the to performance evaluation system, promote the budget and government bind, responsibilities and performance management mode, link public performance continuously improve financial management of scientific, normative and effectiveness. Strengthening the management of expenditure and public funds zero growth policy, screw concentrate on
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