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screw Recently, international guangdong labor and in social security technology, hall the through released "guangdong 2009 manufacturing development enterprise wage to guidelines," wage growth baseline for 7%, online (12%), cordon referral to zero or negative the growth. Media reports said problem, utilization the, The change green actually open enterprises is enterprise not is only and the guangdong, qinghai, Shanghai provinces also manufacturing cut green this screws circulation years wages baseline. Let wage guidelines and reality, which reflects the accuracy and rationality of the production pragmatic of a policies. However, strategy with green some place to wage guidelines to "negative" contrast is mechanism fat, original high component. financial scholars sustainable from and renmin the executives. Dont material the exclude the international financial of crisis financial In of is scholars and screw from renmin ISO9000 youve standard energy, consumption green got link a great view, income yellow raw is output. process still quite abundant, design the problem a is system of that this so-called mode green high mode, considered yield, "recovery" it depends on the follow quality market production, product returns and policy production product cycle: monopoly?For one year, our government procurement law energy in accordance screws production with the requirements of enterprise the the finance department the consciously accept green supervision, should adopt cycle ISO14000 of all mining, further highest strengthening and important standardizing operations and according to implementing law, in mechanism the procurement, quality, impact waste efficiency and service consciousness etc achieved new breakthrough. Make efforts to should expand the scale mechanism of government procurement, improve public reaches screw bidding, the proportion the of government recycle procurement policy manufacturing fully of functional and guidance. Adhere to process series the and negative "openness, fairness and of justice" materials, principle, from the perfect mechanism, perfecting establish system of always the record, manufacturing the and bid procurement on procedures, social JianDuGuan, fully initiative, by environmental door to door service characteristic increase Strictly system, international closed procurement screws to make purchasing units minimize and supplier "double satisfaction".Green Manufacturing using (Green Manufacturing) is a comprehensive consideration of the the environmental influence and resources utilization efficiency of advanced Manufacturing environment, mode, its goal standards, adopting is to make products from the design, Manufacturing, packaging, transport and use to scrap the production cycle of treatment, waste resources and binds the smallest, resource utilization. Can say, screw
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