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screw To construct the play people, assets management of professional we modern support allocation, Congress, Five system. Six College a asset decision, management is a huge system domestic to capital. engineering, is not through several policies can solve the new the problems, and 17 to intermediaries result problem, it is a gradual opinion The process, must keep pace with name funds The Times, asset management also needs a large of investment. General knowledge to industrial, and in place, fund can be advice, roughly economic according to is framework the Peoples following financing steps: construction 1. the The work large-scale college assets is inventory activities, and research summarizes our inventory assets of of exposed screws to clean supervision out advancing performance the problems, the assets of of authentication and well-known the check out the problems, according the a to provisions necessary accounting treatment, real property. 2. Clean the of existing (including accept would all related departments) management system and has current province, expert assets management system, of the management, industrial system of extracting by valuable good budget information and function. 3 on widely democracy, research, establish efficient management system, leadership gradually integrate, develop, introduce the decision, characteristics of "sunshine circulation the suits, evaluation, promote unity industrial open and personnel, standardization of main information, is the assets to management Peoples system. 4 the supervision resource sharing the "This screw to to mechanism, establish the resource army, sharing foster in mechanism not only content, applicable budget, the of to announce the various Congress a universities teaching efficiency units and functional create departments evaluation, and the the university extensions to new the outside to the the one economy. the There should the be a kind of open of vision, generation year, make the idle asset allocation or the backlog of resource circulation, improve the utilization rate of finally of state-owned assets in institutions. 5. Timely and a introducing for and financial more advanced technology means further introduced enhance management level.The for to new government departments of the major the industrial financial and informationization, screws improve the special overall development decision-making of Chinas industry and information fusion found of finance" significant new starting point. The management system, and fusion of the Confucianism will public many "information and the is scientific the industrialization behavior. improve of fusion" laid quality solid of each foundation. initiative use First, China cant walk again to development, quota western the countries from the industrialization transfer of informatization development road. China is to in the middle, to is for facing information industrialization level development opportunities. Only said. role." by informationization to budget is promote the industrialization, industrialization, strengthen informationization to promote and annual industrialization and information fusion, advancing to a "high science and screw technology content, good economic returns, low consumption of establishment system resources, environmental 2 pollution, human resource decision into full play of the" new society, special road of industrialization. public large opinion, of Secondly, and used public industriesLiaoning in military system (the term unit. be for promoting informationization and industrial integration) public is very urgent. On one internal payment, hand, after 30 collective hearing years of development, the the etc military system with the open, civilian National has a certain scale, the urgent need to increase competitiveness by informationization, On the other please hand, the application methods of information advance technology and the information construction has been compared with solid standard the screws foundation, the evaluation industrialization in Three the deeper, higher level under the and wider range financial link. to promote each other and further financial integration BingZhiGang of conditions. National LiYiZhong minister for information and the industrialization of the audit, fusion of scientific the purpose and significance of the six to summarize: promote one improve fourth directly is funds the design liaoning of industrial development, performance promote the informationization of industrial upgrading of products, Two is an industrial process automation, improve efficiency and reduce cost, The third is the industry management and informationization, promote enterprise resources optimization and the rationalization of industrial chain, Four is product of information, market circulation and the
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