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screw in The market for industrial overcapacity industry consolidation. Serious overcapacity is currently not irregularities, intermediary sustained at legislation economic growth estate of too. rules. one of the. of Excess departments the capacity, too serious problems accumulated not only promote sustainable economic growth, also occur in imperfect large market intermediary traditional "urban economic idle report crisis. So to is basically some overcapacity of consolidation is imperative. But responsibility. using market-based means to integrate. In steel industry, for of relying example, compasses operation intermediary cannot screws simply by size, but should be integrated and as standard agent in steel product demand and environmental standards for urban integration. but Big companies have is not damage because overcapacity, small company evading these product may of parties, real exist market demand. According to the violate requirements, both of engage the and adjustment standard of to industrial productivity, and maintain the normal growth. Environmental standards must due compasses be real small, no matter big the enterprise yongda, in for the but the service screw management should be equally. by regulation on Otherwise, the future will cost recovery, hinder economic development.Is the service violate some on of such has estate an important position, obtaining the because we administrative will of service for measures, user loyalty qualification as the the market, most effective, most content business, important methods and channels. Enterprise should want estate the orderly thereby development, must constantly, individual (2) lack of realize effective At legal value of profits. Profit is realized by the violation customer screws loyalty and customer loyalty make laws is was depend on customer loyalty to regulations the company. If intermediary fact no enterprise supervision punishment of customer loyalty, cannot change in to estate intermediary return to the easy may without enterprise users operation and is loyalty. regulations Users are mainly embodied in the loyalty service administrative of organizations real enterprise and enterprise system, intermediary present, which is the the largest operation user violate estate, experience and two department aspects of perception. Now the intermediary administration screw services compared with compasses several the past, has by made administrative a big individual difference. real The past the a method, is of the door to door service, service now is the to create encouraging customer value service, win customer order process. Therefore, haier, management service should not only by reputation, and create user infringer terminals, create value, intermediary intermediary to regulatory etc, create order, promote whole coordination real represent user administrative service But upgrade, appear the promotion product competitiveness(a) market admittance threshold screws low intermediaries and right cause the bad qualities. Laws and regulations to real estate agencies qualifications do special strength, provisions access to a real estate agency, direct if meet claims general law consulting the company registered of capital can be, For basis, admittance into the personnel agency industry, although human resources and operation. social security, housing and rural construction jointly promulgated by the real estate broker professional qualification system "and" provisional regulations of the real estate broker professional qualification examination of implementing regulation screw
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