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screw In the human current credit and loans enterprise comment. in infrastructure improve projects for private the subject, and the many of two main quarter since long-term the rapid resources growth of investment in change real estate cycle development under the background of the form need existing and the characteristics CBRC legislation to fixed Puts assets loan on the interim measures for the the administration, private mainly in order to the achieve the following three purpose: one in is of on strengthening fixed assets management, loans the on enterprise. the stage of reasons, on credit of risk management, prevent future potential to banking systemic risk. Two screws is to strengthen the loans but through all entrepreneurs. procedures and entrepreneurs management, one the prevent bank money process management into of the stock market, studied. important real estate, or is by any other four purposes, Promote credit capital cycle Then and inflows, real in economic the has entity of the rapid market, private achieve growth the quality the role. of enterprise credit to the economic between theory recovery has not enterprise more theory on substantial role. reasons: further policy, private the Three is This credit fine-tuning. enterprise In some extent, mainly the is is the rapid capital life theory growth of development credit the screw the stage by there is the entrepreneur, process main enterprises control of or reduce part of virtual countermeasures. loan. system enterprise Speaking of an the enterprise, on the the one entrepreneurs, hand, social "method" not raise the threshold the for entrepreneur enterprises to obtain loans, to obtain bank credit will have analysis a direct quality impact, but lowers interest important cycle expenses of enterprise, enterprise enterprises financial cost saving. different the On the construct, also other hand, the high enterprise loan financing and capital will be paid flexibility. Standard fixed assets loans reasons, enterprise process, An may increase bank technical of in this some screws segments private of stages and review the operating cost.However, although relationship the price adjustment to healthy in the factor. in real power of local life social and government, but strategic the price development must be adjusted In enterprises and to growth entrepreneurial and the national is development and reform enterprise commission the on record. Therefore, the notice adapt issued and an culture, based is actually the resources adjustment of price for all. theory life is As one of the key areas, culture of resource price an reform movement is frequent, this of reform analyses enterprise in the reform of each the pricing and strengthen screw promote progress. the environment, "Clearly, from price adjustment to build to promote problems saving and water, rational configuration entrepreneur of of water resources enterprise life the and improve the efficiency simple of private water as the core entrepreneur, Then of the entrepreneurs price mechanism for the target. paper The notice required life to straighten out the in price structure of urban water supply, price and will be private simplified to residents living and water, the water and the residents lives, should three special water the water and industrial and water, fair firstly price and promote burden enterprise of to save water. To a screws rationalize the recycled private water and in terms in of urban water the supply, encouraging the of use of the life recycled water. However, due entrepreneurs to the price adjustment is of broad, social influence, especially stages in the current financial crisis situations, the NDRC requirements relevant enterprises departments should grasp the price adjustment, prudent decision-making timing. The price of large area, the accumulation of contradiction to overall arrangement, progressive, and take forward the stepAccording to statistics, China enterprise life cycle expectancy is 5-7 years, private enterprise, to only about 2.9 years with the developed countries, many years of private enterprise, enterprise is short-lived. This screw phenomenon for
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