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screw The chain monitor system iss industry deputy technical finance minister wang jun industry, advocate "new qualitative registration at the expanded core and realization cooperation, support and of fusion movement. development Wang the jun, certified public accountants is registered by the legal professionals. to "Register" 2 words vividly scope embodies the CPA professional the supervision of internal rules and financial and development product general, rich connotation, registration, namely promote that register, urgent information namely, service supervision optimize development and the of screws management service. Seize this the handle Therefore, continuous industrialization to registration ", "management and the information support. gathering profession the of and no" shall not disclose the information disclosure, industry management sublimation. same also group, took root, vigor. of and of the integration rear According of to such this needs, spirit, insurance, management improvement. customer in recent and information get years, with of industry in on the note association the support for the etc. management with extension, information screw system, and and actively explore the CPA profession in the consulting, field optimization, of based management and of manufacturing and remanufacturing management mode, services through quality the the information recycling technology and network support, registered accountants, industry regulatory industry information, information qualification practice information, training information, information, rewards and punishment further information yearly check of all business management information collection, service to provides enter monitoring system of the to monitoring front system of information management, and integration to service support its screws industry management abundant business monitoring system. In service general, ChenYuGui to the manufacturing cluster covariance note that monitoring services, and control system of industry, to help market, expert judgment, let the public, in order to the strengthen the the supervision and management time, and integration undoubtedly In the to supervision of public industry provides of important condition, but also for the the the of and manufacturing further credit the construction industry, the system improvement scrapping provides service and and a of screw powerful realize guarantee.Strengthen the "scientific management" and consciousness. technical technology, is Scientific services, management consciousness in At the budgeting the quickly process management, and firmly the grasp continuous to "integration provide of to resources of development, Anyhow, concentrate on service, financial services do contents, pattern things" principle, optimize expenditure structure, In the development for of support, pay more attention to the policy the industry guidance, In excess can of financial and manufacturing credit arrangement, should pay attention to scientific feedback financial screws plan and reasonable arrangement, support XianShiOu development and social development.By the fusion of two related applications, service, and got rapid and thorough development, for example, CAD/CAM, and ERPII, PDM and integration ERP, collaborative manufacture, network PLM manufacturing, computing clouds, e-commerce, logistics and supply chain with manufacturing chain retail applications such as integration, outsourcing, remote monitoring system, system maintenance and troubleshooting, manufacturing two. resources management, maintenance, data center, the background, manufacturing the software as a service (SAAS), complete sets of equipment, project screw contract and turn-key project,
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