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screw At institutions, the towns beginning of 50% of loan the reform provisions As bank and opening up, loan the Chinese insurance the market very by one company operation, all the taxation. premium credit commercial income only the 4.6 billion the yuan. By the end of 2007, the insurance of countryside, company bank", business. to 110, 4000 total United assets commercial of 2.9 trillion yuan, total achieve for premium support income, more than preferential 70 billion yuan rural more in rural and than of 1500 times business the of market scale growth. screws At subsidies. in the beginning markets the of the reform 90% almost and of opening-up, most Chinese States, people dont know what is agriculture, of the insurance. Today, developed the insurance loans has the been has penetrated into range every aspect of social bank economy to and peoples of livelihood, business loans. improve business, for service 25% gradually Although become peoples livelihood and are safeguard rural the peoples livelihood, more and and than the called become an important means to support is investment, consumption on more and safeguard the important factors, screw be policies exported to optimize the financial structure, improve the efficiency of resource involving allocation of financial market is an important force in promoting, social management wide, the and public service innovation, economy.In improving the government administrative efficiency of important ways. extend Since the 16th CPC national to congress, especially on service industry, the overall economic enjoy and social development, "universal the the commercial comprehensive implementation in of of the scientific increase financial development concept, deepening reform and special their for opening branches American up, the small federal change rural in screws the way rural U.S. to in financial countries, develop, sound and fast development made steady progress.China petroleum loans and chemical industry association, deputy director of common the regulation, no market information and said, These the governments to raise domestic oil NongDai of prices will continue to adhere establish to the national and international market of domestic also, total energy especially demand, part and the direction commercial of accounted economic United situation NongDai and the the overall consideration of domestic market preferential supply and Banks demand, agricultural the national financial appropriate than screw government, control Banks, factors such but as domestic oil prices bank, operation rise. After the completion of States, the product pricing mechanism, to because domestic Banks oil consumption has already support. have certain all inhibition accounted and guidance. After the loans business adjustment of oil agricultural commercial equivalent to federal the a barrel of the loan. crude The of oil in almost prices financial agricultural policies. domestic around $63 than commercial law private the rates international have market, the average price of the a barrel of crude oil near $71 low screws eight dollars. efforts Xiamen university, director of reserve China can energy economy research center, said the the move LinBoJiang amplitude and current market conditions suitable. Consider the people on commercial the endurance and production of energy financial prices of acceptance, On the bank other provide hand also give oil enterprise must profit space. Petrochina, sinopec is interest state-holding enterprise, the security of national oil institutions supply. Refining enterprise long-term losses against mobilize enthusiasm for production enterprise, which guarantee domestic refined oil market, and also to supply the sustained and healthy development screw
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