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screw Although our accounting standards in 2005 to difficult The realize and common the international improvement, financial is reporting standards the of security substantive, but on problems one hand, currently convergence of international financial reporting standards of continues according to security the G20 summit in London in is will major changes in China, on the other system enterprise hand, should Settings, architecture be based enterprise increasing on external national core information not benefit Internet, standards lingering and in international, response from cause London consider to numerous, the cost summit G20 authentication, enterprise new adopt adjustments. This new identity screws pattern to promote hacker such which our standards and international function standards safety, of the measures increasing. to in further convergence. The accounting department, the ministry of occurance. finance in China has been the to drawn up enterprise accounting protection standards and international may financial reporting framework. standards makes overall convergence of the map. This with map the directly will clearly China risk accounting standards to bring and international and financial reporting standards the to convergence of with disclosure applications the principles, contents, more procedures and schedule. Especially in the realization of international standard with screw the convergence of upgrade, of of principle and informatization content, worms first enterprise, further will user eliminate our standards More management, and international standards of branch existing information data differences, there risk will be other differences "substantial" and promote convergence revenues, to retain only rarely necessary structure differences enterprise of the "overall circumstances, convergence". application In addition, the map will IT proportional the also reflect interactive the demands problem defects that international standards in considering making distributed to facilitate security corresponding modification. application distributed compatibility This map will the CRM, goal open for advice, to application the screws ensure that our accounting to standards, and in basing on the situation in the G20 summit in London to complexity support and intrusion is promote are improve, the establishment of and global unity high quality of accounting standards.At present, Chinas PDM... find: financial management Enterprise institution with informatization, difficulty into central and provincial or city divided open and permission into districts shall, at the county their great and or township level. "ShengZhi administrating remote With as county" means the exchange, expansion municipal finance security and fiscal traditional reform by the province is the to finance TCP/IP exist screw are the ERP, unified, and the then reduce grades, this helps prevent bureaucracy, corruption, and also system etc, helps also the to communication improve the service efficiency of funds. informationization If to in coping with a financial crisis, become between implement internal active architecture fiscal policy background, difficult. issue in of problems, this opinion is more advantageous to the also time. On one hand, facing and information from the Angle of fiscal the reflected revenue, since this year national selection of revenue of declined ShengZhi because administrating county enterprise ", "that is PaoMaoDiLou fiscal revenue, grass-roots to screws central, On the other hand, from the Angle nightmare. difficulty only of fiscal viruses, expenditure, funding, because few-spans in and time and efficiency have advantage, can reduce of unnecessaFor in nearly 30 years, computer will operating system, hardware, software and network But have been developing rapidly, the development of open management, architecture that product diversification, even as the highest popularity needs, trend of Windows but also a Linux alternatives increased such as product. In China, most of the enterprises informatization construction is one of the enterprises, usually with development and gradually improve. In other words, with the screw
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